Project 292 - to be built in three phases. Completed in January 2016

The redevelopment of Fuji Trading Singapore premises at Chia Ping Road was code-named Project 292. Within the existing land space, Project 292 has transform FTS’s former single storey warehouse-cum-office into an Iconic ship-shaped structure of 9 storey height. It comprises of a front 2-storey Warehouse/Office, a 9-storey Office/Warehouse block and a 2-storey Warehouse at the rear – hence the codename P292. 

P292 was built in three phases. The first phase, which is the 9-storey office building, was completed in August 2014.  Phase II, rebuilding of the rear warehouse was completed in May 2015.

Phase III has transform the former front office into an Iconic structure with a Senior Management office resembling the Forecastle Deck of a ship and Cold Stores facilities, was completed in January 2016. 

This strategic redevelopment of FTS premises will see FTS embarking on a business model of expanded stock inventory and services. The re-development will incorporate state-of-the-art technology in GPON fibre-optic connections, intelligent communication setup and modern warehousing systems.